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Outstanding Platform

  • The harvest of 5 years efforts done by our team
  • Video Library for Major Medical Events
  • Program Planner for Congress Makers
Video Library

Video Library for Medical Events

  • You can attend any medical event, organized by a society or company during live broadcasting. We will update you by new events in proper time
  • You can also view this event at any time later, 24 hours after its live broadcasting
  • You will be able to view all medical events arranged by certain society or company at any time
  • You can search for any subject, the platform will review the events containing sessions including the words you entered in its title, click the event to view the session needed

Program Planner for Congress Makers

  • You can organize and manage the scientific program of your event without sending any email or making any tiring phone calls, all through easy to use Program Planner
  • You can communicate with all scientific committee members, no matter how many they are, in your country and all around the world, by reviewing all their comments for any sessions, in its page.
  • Allow members of scientific committee to post their comments or remarks regarding any session to its moderator.
  • Unique feature in our application, it enables you to change the duration or order of any lecture or the full session to another values, our platform will automatically re-arrange all times of the sessions and lecture after this location.
  • Conflict-Free planning, our platform will alert you if there is any conflict happens, regarding the presence of a chairman, moderator or speaker in two parallel sessions at the same time, during entering new data, and also at any time before sending the letters of presentations
  • Chairman of the scientific committee can send notices or messages to selected group, as VIPs, moderators or faculty member with just a click of a button
  • Outstanding feature in our application, is that you can send hundreds of letters of presentation, to all moderators, chairmen and speakers, including the full details of their sessions during the congress, with just a click of a button.
  • User Manual, if you are congress maker, kindly contact us, we will register your Excellency, so you can sign in to use Program Planner and download the user manual.
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  • Professional organizers for Medical Conferences and International Trade Fairs

Head Office

Located in Cairo, Egypt
We have Representatives & Copartners covering most countries in the Middle East

  • Established in Egypt since 1991

Updated Database

  • Medical Societies within Egypt and Middle East in different medical fields
  • Physicians in different medical fields within Egypt and Middle East
  • Major pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies around the world
Secretarial Technology

Up to Date Secretarial Technology

  • Full electronic system for management and accounts, the first within Middle East
  • CRM System for registration which can serve ten thousand delegates events, in no time, and can be doubled when needed
  • Credit hours calculation system, to calculate the hours attended by each delegate within the scientific program, if the event is accredited
Lecture room

Up to date Lecture Room Technology

Through our sister company,
Barcode Advertising Agency

  • The best equipment that guarantee the best performance, regarding all audio-visual aids and accessories within lecture rooms, managed by professional IT engineers
  • The best skill to moderate webinars and standalone activities for pharmaceutical companies
Tourism in Egypt

Social and Tours Program

Through Major Travel Agencies

  • Social programs for the speakers, faculty member, attendants and accompanying person always done
  • Tours programs for the all attendants especially Non-Egyptians, usually arranged to important visits within Cairo and all Egypt
  • Perfect performance of our staff usually guarantees full enjoyment of our guest